miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

The cannabis seeds germination process

Unless you don't see this, don't start, it is too early yet:

So today it's the 1srt of May!!! and temperature went above the 24-25ºC, beautiful day with plenty of sunlight, this is when you start your germination process of your weed seeds.

As method this is what I like:

You can find this on the webpage where I bought the Dark Devil seeds: http://www.drgreenstore.com/images/germination%20info.gif

Actually I just use the first part where you put the seeds in the glass of water, I leave them one night like that and then I'll put them in little Jiffy's. This helps that the shell breaks fast, and normally it sprouts in 24 hours! The important thing is that the temperature stays constant all the time at 25ºC approx.
They have at 60% sprouted this morning:

But... I forgot the heater on all night long and the heater showed the 32º C... I hope I haven't fucked up!
Anyway they are ready to plant, so I put them in jiffy's:

Let's cross fingers and hope that they keep growing and we shall see it in the next 24 hours!
Yes! they are all growing!!! Ah.. I was about to forget... I've put the seeds in the Jiffy's and all in a plastic box like this seedling tray:

 It's a great tool as it keeps the moist (90% humidity) and the heat.
And to keep the heat constant during the night (where temperature drops) I use a breeding warm cable:

This is how I germinate my seeds, and success range from 90% to 100%, which is great!!!!

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